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Rubber Dinghy Rubber Dinghy

Rated 4 / 5 stars

A fun little adventure game. Crude graphics and short gameplay, but still a lot of fun for what it is.

One gripe: You have to use the keyboard to move around and interact, but then the mouse to get through dialogues. I hate it when a game can't decide which controller it wants to use, and makes you juggle.

And if you [players] like that text adventure bit in the grave, check out the Crypt Shyfter series by KungFuSpaceBarbarian:

Cheese Guide Cheese Guide

Rated 4 / 5 stars

A fun little puzzle game, once you get the hang of the movement/control.

One thing I'd like to see is "Next Stage" and "Previous Stage" buttons at the button of the level select panels.
On the "Level Complete" panel on the last level, the "Next Level" button is greyed out. Why not put a button there that takes you back to level select? Maybe even put a little "Congratulations! You won!" animation at the end or something. Right now, you beat the last level, all you can do is replay the level or go back a level. There is no reward, no "end" to the game.

crane167 responds:

Thanks for the feedback! We'll definitely add those buttons in the stage select button. We're currently working on adding another stage. Sorry about the no congratulations at the end of the game, we'll be sure to add something to mark the end of the game. Thank you for playing!

Ritual Ritual

Rated 3 / 5 stars

A silly thing

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Pykes Adventure Pykes Adventure

Rated 1 / 5 stars

Not really much of a game to write about here. Several screens, all similar - you fall down a central shaft and have to jump up through a maze to get back to the central shaft. The maze is mirrored on each side, so effectively the gameplay area is half the size it appears to be. There is no sound or music, no animation, no enemies or obstacles, nothing to gain or collect. It looks like the start of an engine and nothing more.

The one positive thing I can say is that for the minimal amount of features, the coding is solid. I didn't see any bugs or glitches or quirky game play.

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Arcade Builder Arcade Builder

Rated 3.5 / 5 stars

Not a bad sim-business type game. Could be a lot better with some polish.

My suggestions for improvements:
1. I'm seeing a lot of mouse lag. It's frustrating to play with, and almost impossible to click on anything moving, like customers.
2. The interface is a little clunky. I mean it's all functional, just not very smooth to use. For example, if I click to build something, then want to build something else, if I don't click exactly right on the icon, it will build that first thing under the icon I was trying to click for the second thing. I do like how I can drag to build multiple walls and floors, but it breaks sometimes and I have to start over. Also when I build doors the flooring under them disappears.
3. The first few customers that came in, some were happy and some would get upset. The upset ones would tell me why they were upset - no food, not enough seating, etc. But after a while, customers are all showing as happy but still my satisfaction percentage keeps dropping. You should make it so that if I click on the satisfaction display it will pop up a window telling me how many customers are unhappy and why. Also the satisfaction is dropping to the negative, and it doesn't make sense anyway, because the arcade is packed with customers. If they are so dissatisfied, why would they all be there?
4. I didn't see it explained what the non-game devices do and how they affect the customers - neon lights, chairs, tables, etc.
5. The games don't seem balanced. The arcades and especially the tables games are not cost-effective. The best bang for the buck seems to be the 3rd level pinball (costs $750 and earns $50). All the other stuff seems useless to build except to meet the challenges.

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aJamDonut responds:

I agree with all of it. I'll sort it out.

StealthBound StealthBound

Rated 5 / 5 stars

A fun game of stealth platforming. Not too difficult (most puzzles have to do with timing, but not annoying split-second timing) but fun to play through. The coding and play control are solid, the graphics are beautiful.

One bug I ran into, but wasn't able to reproduce:
Level 6, I knock out the guard, and toss him in the dumpster, and immediately after that animation ends, my controls are frozen. The game is still going, so obviously the engine is still running, but I can't move my character. I press R to restart the level and play through without further issue.

Mountain Biking Downhill Mountain Biking Downhill

Rated 2.5 / 5 stars

Another side-view biking physics game. Kinda fun but gets repetitious quickly. And a lot of the flips (both back and front) don't get counted for some reason. Also the minutes on the timer are not zero-padded.

Over all: Not a bad game. Could use some graphical polish.

The Sound of Silence (Alpha ver. 0.02) The Sound of Silence (Alpha ver. 0.02)

Rated 3 / 5 stars

A good start for a game. Decent graphics and play control.

Observations for the dev:
1. Is this just the first puzzle, or is this what the whole game is going to be like? Seems kind of a long-way around making a "spot the differences" type of game.
2. Dialogues need a "skip" button, for those of us impatient players ;-)
3. Menus seem unnecessarily complicated. To place an item, you click the spot, click the dialogue, select YES, select ITEM, select ITEM again, and then choose the item. Why not just make it when you click a spot it opens a dialogue that says "Which item goes here?" and a list to choose one or none.
4. The Save and Load features are similarly complicated. To save, click the lantern, click yes at the dialogue, click a file, click save again, click yes again. It seems like so many steps to just save the game.

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Nonogram FRVR Nonogram FRVR

Rated 3 / 5 stars

Your basic picross game, with a pleasant folding-paper looking interface. Apparently, new puzzles are added each day, for casual, normal, and challenging difficulties.

Two things to note about this game:
1. The puzzles are just random. Most picross games I've played, the solution turns out to be some kind of a pixel image. This game does not do that. There is a pro and con to that - the pro being you aren't tempted to "guess" the puzzle once you figure out what the image is, and the con is that you aren't "rewarded" with a little picture after solving a puzzle.
2. There is no way to mark off squares you know are empty. Even when the game auto-eliminates a row or column for you, it does not visually mark off the empty squares. The saving grace is that the puzzles aren't very big (the biggest I've seen so far is 8x6) so you can try to keep track of it in your head. If the puzzles were any bigger (like 10x10 or 15x15 or bigger) I would say this interface is too frustratingly limited to play a decent game on. But, as it is, I find it challenging but not impossible. Still annoying though.

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Mahjong Deluxe Mahjong Deluxe

Rated 3 / 5 stars

A straight-forward standard Mahjong game. 6 layout to choose from. Standard Mahjong tile set, no additional tile sets to choose from. Interface is simple and easy to use, with a nice carved wood look to it.

1. Clicking the "game pad" in the main menu opens a new website in the current window. It does not open it in a new window/tab.
2. The shuffle button - both the one on the main play area and the on in the "No tiles left" window - restarts the game from the beginning. It seems there is no way to shuffle only the remaining tiles.